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Medical Students and Visiting Resident Rotations

Virginia Mason offers observerships and clerkship experiences for all levels of training in a variety of fields. Only currently enrolled students will be considered.

Fourth Year Inpatient Medical Student Clerkship Rotations — 2022-2023

Four-week clerkship inpatient elective rotations in anesthesiology, diagnostic radiology, internal medicine, general surgery, and urology are offered to currently enrolled fourth year medical students who are interested in careers in one of these five fields of medicine. These clerkships serve mainly as a teaching experience with any "service" function being incidental. Fourth year medical students must apply to these clerkships via a formal application process.

Virginia Mason plans to adhere to the ACGME’s Coalition for Physician Accountability’s recommendations regarding medical student away rotations for the 2022-2023 academic year, those are:

  • Applications will be accepted April 15 – 29
  • Applications will be reviewed starting May 1. Please note that you have not been accepted for an elective until you receive a letter of approval from Virginia Mason Graduate Medical Education.
  • For the 2022-23 academic year, medical student rotations may resume, as early as July 1, but are limited to only one rotation in one specialty per learner (with exception for cases where additional rotations are needed to complete graduation or accreditation requirements).

The ACGME and Virginia Mason will continue to monitor Coalition updates and, if necessary, may make adjustments to this plan.

Outpatient Medicine Clerkships and Observerships — 2022-2023

Inquiries regarding outpatient medicine and observerships must first submit an application form. Please also use the form if you are interested in an inpatient rotation for a program that is not listed in the fourth year inpatient medical student clerkships section above.

Once your inquiry form is submitted with complete information, it will be directed to the proper department. At that time, the department will notify you regarding their availability to accommodate your request. If approved, you will be sent a packet of information to be filled out and returned.

Visiting Resident Rotations