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Language and Interpreter Services

All Virginia Mason Franciscan Health hospitals and clinics provide auxiliary aids and interpreter services free of charge in order to ensure that our patients and visitors have effective communication. If you have a preferred language other than English or if you are deaf, hard of hearing, or deaf blind, you can access language and interpreter services at no charge. These services include the use of qualified interpreters, who may be provided in-person, via video remote interpreting, or over the phone.

How can I request an interpreter? 

  • In-person: To make a request for interpreter services while you are at any Virginia Mason Franciscan Health facility, please notify any staff member that you need an interpreter.

  • Phone: Requests for language and interpreter services, including when scheduling appointments, can be made over the phone to any operator.

How can I find and contact a hospital or clinic? 

You can find a location to see all of our hospitals or clinics near you.

How can I find and contact a provider?

You can find a provider or specialist near you.

Notice of discrimination

Discrimination is against the law. Learn more about our discrimination policy.