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Alumni Verifications

Verifications are provided to Virginia Mason Graduate Medical Education (GME) program alumni for the purposes of employment, application for licensure or to sit board examinations.

Requests made within two years of last departure date will be fulfilled at no charge. All other requests require an administrative fee of $75. Check payment must be physically mailed (further instructions on verification form).

Requests made but not fulfilled due to inability to locate files or records require a $20 records recall fee ($75 fee is required to initiate research, unfulfilled orders will be refunded $55).

For all purposes, a signed consent for Release of Information (ROI) is required. Please print and use this ROI form (if another is not available) and attach as directed to the online Verification Request form.

Please complete the appropriate online Verification form below indicating years post-tenure at Virginia Mason Residency/Fellowship.

A response can be expected within 10 business days. Duplicate requests or requests for status updates within that 10 day interval will slow the process of fulfillment.

Employment Verifications: Virginia Mason policy prohibits use of any form of verification other than that provided by Virginia Mason. Do not send blank forms for completion.

Licensure/Boards Verifications: Virginia Mason policy allows for the completion of board or state forms which must be provided as directed to the Verification Request form.

If you need assistance, please contact Graduate Medical Education.