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Hospital Information

Cell phone waiting lot:

The Terry and University parking lot will be available for companions of clinic or hospital patients who are waiting outside Virginia Mason Medical Center downtown facilities. The Lindeman Pavilion restrooms will also be available to companions while they are waiting.


If your provider has arranged for you to be admitted to the hospital for a procedure other than surgery, please come to the admitting reception desk at the hospital lobby entrance at 925 Seneca Street. 

If you arrive from the Lindeman Pavilion via the Skybridge or from the Buck Pavilion, the hospital lobby is located on level 4.

If you’re having surgery, you’ll receive a call from your surgeon's office the day before to assign your arrival time at Virginia Mason Medical Center. On the morning of your surgery, you should report to the either the registration desk on level 5 of the Lindeman Pavilion or the surgery check-in on level 6 of the hospital, with access from outside at 1000 Spring St. After registration, you’ll be taken to the operating room area.

What to bring

  • Your insurance card
  • A photo ID (e.g., driver’s license)
  • Emergency contact information
  • Current employer’s address and phone number
  • If your regular doctor is located out of the area, their contact information
  • In addition, you may be asked by the department to which you’re being admitted to bring in X-rays or other medical records
  • If you have a Living Will or Advance Directive, bring a copy so it is made part of your medical record

Preparing for your visit

If you have an appointed time for a test or procedure, please arrive 15 minutes early or as instructed by the scheduling staff to avoid delays. If you’ll be going home following a procedure, arrange for someone to drive you. If staying overnight, you may choose to bring your own toiletries, but please leave valuable items (jewelry, cash, credit cards, etc.) at home.

Please be prepared to list all medications and herbal supplements you take as well as previous surgeries, resulting complications and problems related to an anesthesia, medications or allergies.

Patient rooms

Each patient room has a telephone and TV.

There is no charge for local calls; however, the hospital doesn’t provide free long-distance phone service. All long-distance calls from our patients’ rooms must be collect or charged to the caller’s home phone number or credit card. Cell phones may be used inside the hospital as long as their use does not disrupt patient care or the care environment.