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Requesting Medical Records

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health is required by law to maintain the privacy of your health information, provide you with a notice of our legal duties and privacy practices and follow the information practices that are described in our Privacy Notice.

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health is happy to provide a copy of your health information. Examples of individual documents include:

  • Notes and records about a particular condition
  • Handwritten or dictated progress notes for treatment dates
  • Consultation
  • Operation reports
  • Pathology and lab reports
  • X-ray reports
  • Physical or occupational therapy notes
  • Outside records
  • Other specialized tests, such as angiography, cardiac catheterization procedure, stress test (treadmill), electrocardiograms (EKGs), electroencephalograms (EEGs), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), myelogram and nuclear medicine scans (CT scans)

Medical records forms

To request copies of your Franciscan Health records or Virginia Mason Medical Center records, please fill out and return the Authorization to Release Patient Health Information Form (Virginia Mason Medical Center only) or Authorization for Disclosure Form (Franciscan Health only). You'll need to fill out the authorization completely. Please print the forms and drop off or mail them to the appropriate Release of Information department, as listed in the instructions.

Please make sure you provide us with the following information:

  • Unique patient identifiers (i.e. name, birthdate)
  • Name of provider or organization authorized to make the disclosure (i.e. Virginia Mason Franciscan Health or a Virginia Mason Franciscan Health physician)
  • Name of the person or organization to whom Virginia Mason may release information
  • Description of the specific information to be released
  • Description of the purpose or need for information
  • Signature of the individual (patient or legally authorized representative) and date

Authorization to Release Patient Health Information

Authorization to Release Patient Health Information Form (Virginia Mason Medical Center only)

Authorization for Disclosure Form

Authorization for Disclosure Form (Franciscan Health only)

Your options for receiving medical records

You have the right to receive a copy of your health information that we maintain, with some limited exceptions. You have the right to receive a copy of your health information in a format you prefer (e.g. paper, email, thumb drive). You have the right to request that your health information to be sent to any person or entity.

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health gives you, or your authorized representatives, three options for accessing your Virginia Mason Franciscan Health medical records:

  • View your information via MyChart or MyVirginiaMason
  • Request a copy of your medical records
  • Use another application to access your health information

Currently available is the Health app, which is offered by Apple Inc. for iPhones with iOS version software 11.3 or greater. You will recognize it easily by the heart image. The Health app consolidates all of your health data from iPhone, Apple Watch, and third-party apps you already use, so you can view all your progress in one convenient place. This includes your health records from Virginia Mason Franciscan Health and other health systems if you choose to add to add them. 

How to submit your request for medical records

To start the process you may complete the authorization form above, or if you prefer, write a letter. If you choose to write a letter, it must include the following required elements:

  • Be in writing
  • Signed by the individual (patient)
  • Clearly identify the person designated to receive the records
  • Identify where to send the copy of protected health information
  • Amendment request

Mail, fax or email to the location where you received care. 

Virginia Mason Medical Center
Fax: 206-223-8885
Phone: 206-223-6975
1100 Ninth Avenue, Mailstop A-HIS-ROI
Seattle, WA 98101

St. Joseph Medical Center, St. Clare, St. Francis, St. Elizabeth, St. Anthony Hospitals
HIM Department
Fax: 253-428-8365
Phone: 253-426-6673
[email protected]

St. Anne Hospital
HIM Department
Fax: 253-428-8365
Phone: 253-426-6673
[email protected]

St. Michael Medical Center
HIM Department
Fax: 253-428-8365
Phone: 253-426-6673
[email protected]

Franciscan Medical Group Primary and Specialty Care Clinics
HIM Department
Fax: 253-779-6245
Phone: 253-792-2400
[email protected]

Processing your request

We’ll make records available in a timely fashion not to exceed 15 working days. If we're not able to make records available at the time of request, we will inform you of the status of your medical records and produce your medical record within 21 days from the receipt of the request. If the information requested does not exist or cannot be found you will be notified within 15 working days. These timeframes are consistent with state law RCW 70.02.080 and 70.02.090.

Medical records usually are mailed. If records are picked up, a valid photo ID must be presented. If someone other than the patient picks up records, this must be specified on the Authorization for Disclosure form. The person picking up must show a valid photo ID.

Requesting copies of radiology images

You can request copies of your imaging films (X-rays, MRI scans, CT scans, mammograms) by contacting the Virginia Mason Franciscan Health Radiology or Imaging Center where you had service.

Copies of digital images are available. There is no charge if you are requesting that digital images be sent directly to a physician for your ongoing care. Charges may vary for personal copies. Ask about charges when you call to request a copy.

While many requests are processed the same or next day, some may take more than 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) to process.