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Overview: St. Joseph Medical Center Pharmacy Residency

Orientation and concentrated learning (4 weeks)

These areas are to be covered early in the residency. The resident is expected to acquire the following general skills necessary to care for patients throughout subsequent required rotations and longitudinal experiences. The following educational experiences will occur during this orientation time. 

Anticoagulation Management
Aminoglycoside Dosing
Basic Oncology
Basic Skills and Tools
Code Blue
Epic Training
Pain Management
Renal Dosing Adjustment
Vancomycin Dosing

Required rotations (42 weeks)

Residents participate in eight required rotations spanning 42 weeks, with the opportunity for further experiences based on individual background and interests. All of these rotations are direct patient care rotations with the exception of Practice Management.

Critical Care 8 weeks
Emergency Medicine 6 weeks
Infectious Disease 4 weeks
Internal Medicine 6 weeks
NICU 4 weeks
Oncology 6 weeks
Practice Management 4 weeks
Ambulatory Care 4 weeks

Required longitudal experience - Continuous

Longitudinal experiences will occur throughout the residency year and encompass activities such as performing Drug Utilization Evaluations, presenting recommendations to Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committees, student precepting, and creating and editing a monthly newsletter directed to all Virginia Mason Franciscan Health clinical staff. Residents will also be directly involved in the education of providers, pharmacist interns, and pharmacy technicians. Residents will be assigned to a hospital within the health system for further experiential development through staffing opportunities.

Optional rotations (4 weeks)

Optional rotations are direct patient care specialty rotations, some of which may be completed off-site. Residents have the opportunity to propose and create alternate rotations based on clinical interests beyond what is currently offered.

Hospice 2 weeks
Advanced NICU 2 weeks
Advanced Critical Care 2-4 weeks
Advanced ED 2-4 weeks
Advanced Internal Medicine 2-4 weeks
Advanced Oncology 2-4 weeks
Advanced Infectious Disease and Antimicrobial Stewardship 2-4 weeks