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Key Phone Numbers

Important patient & visitor facility information

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Virginia Mason Medical Center directory

Main Number

New Appointments and Registration


Billing (Mon. - Thurs. 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Fri., 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

Breast Clinic

Care Coordination

206-583-6578 option #2

Center for Health Care Improvement Science

Clinical Education

Eye Care (Optometry and Ophthalmology)

Hearing Aid Dispensary


Human Resources

Image Management

206-624-1144 ext. 64165

Laboratories: Hospital & Seattle Medical Center

Listen for Life Center

Lithotripter Unit (Kidney Stone Center)

Lost and Found

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

MOHS Surgery

Neuroscience Institute (Neurology, Rehabilitation)

Pain Management and Work Injury Program

Patient Registration

Patient Relations

Patient Transfer Center


Radiation Oncology

Regional Clinicians program

Separation and Loss (Grief Services)

Sports Medicine (Seattle)

Stroke Center (Seattle)

TTY for Hearing and Speech Impaired:

TTY for Hearing and Speech Impaired:
Hospital Emergency Room

TTY for Hearing and Speech Impaired:
Listen for Life Center

Transfer Center

Vocational Rehabilitation

Wound Center - Outpatient (Federal Way)

Medical records/Release of information:

Bailey-Boushay House

Phone: 206-322-5300

Bainbridge Island

Phone: 206-842-5632
Fax: 206-842-5992


Phone: 206-223-6975
Fax: 206-223-8885

Federal Way

Phone: 206-223-6975
Fax: 206-223-8885


Phone: 206-223-6975
Fax: 206-223-8885


Phone: 206-223-6975
Fax: 206-223-8885


Phone: 206-223-6975
Fax: 206-223-8885

University Village

Phone: 206-525-8000
Fax: 206-525-8070

Hospital & Seattle Medical Center

Phone: 206-223-6975
Fax: 206-223-8885

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health Medical Pavilions

New patients: To schedule an appointment at one of the Virginia Mason Franciscan Health Medical Pavilions below, please call 866-832-6633.