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Provider Orders and Downtime Order Sheets

Downtime paper order sheets

Provider orders

Cardiac Rehab Phase II
Cardiac Rehab

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (SAH)

Ischemic Stroke TIA Addendum

General order sheets

Four general Order Sheets have been created and approved by the Order Set Committee:

  1. General Medical Admission
  2. General Surgical Pre-op
  3. General Surgical Post Op
  4. Discharge

These four paper Downtime Order Sheets are envisioned to be used during a downtime period of 4 hours or less and can be located on the Downtime computers (BCA) and on the intranet.

These four downtime paper Order Sheets are not intended to be a copy of what is currently in Epic. The reason is:

  • Feedback received from clinical operations identified what is currently on the intranet does not always match what is in Epic and it is very difficult to turn Epic content into paper.
  • When providers attempt to print out the current downtime forms from the intranet, some of the documents print excessively long and are causing a lot of frustration.

If the four general downtime Order Sheets do not meet the need for your service area, you can use the Template.

If additional Order Sheets are needed, contact [email protected] directly and she will coordinate a time to discuss with you the steps to get this completed and how to obtain approval from the Order Set Committee.