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Application Information - Transitional/Preliminary Medicine Internships

All application materials for the residency programs at Virginia Mason MUST be forwarded to us through the Electronic Residency Application Service ERAS. We do not accept faxed, email or paper copies of resumes or applications. All positions are filled through the NRMP. The program does not fill any intern positions outside of the NRMP.

Note that if you are interested in both programs, you will not be expected to interview twice. For example, if you apply to both programs and are first offered an interview from the Transitional Year program, this interview will also count for the Preliminary Medicine program, and you can rank both in the order that feels right for you. Because our program leadership works together so closely, we have opted to streamline the interview season in this way to be respectful of our applicants’ valuable time.

Similarly, if you are an applicant bound for Anesthesiology or Radiology, applicants interviewed by Virginia Mason Medical Center programs will not be offered a separate interview for our standalone internships. You are welcome to rank our Preliminary Medicine year and/or Transitional Year separately, regardless of where you choose to rank our categorical programs, and we will include you on our rank lists as well.

Answers to commonly asked questions:

  • We require medical school graduation within 2 years of application
  • For DO applicants, we accept COMLEX scores and do not require USMLE
  • We review applications holistically and have no minimum cutoff USMLE/COMLEX score
  • Virginia Mason Medical Center is unable to offer visa sponsorship

Inquiries concerning the Transitional Year program should be addressed to:

Carly Magnusson, MD
Program Director, Transitional Year

Jenn Rickmar
Program Coordinator

Inquiries concerning the Preliminary Medicine program should be addressed to:

Brandee Grooms, MD
Program Director, Internal Medicine

Haley Fielder
Program Coordinator