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Current and Past Residents

Meet Our Current Residents

Gina Mensah, PharmD

Gina Mensah, PharmD

Education: University of Tennessee Health Science Center-College of Pharmacy, 2023
Professional interest(s): Cardiology, internal medicine  
Why I chose Virginia Mason: VM has a variety of rotations that are tailored to the resident's interest. The program provides a supportive work environment through wellness/resilience program for residents. Preceptors provide a nurturing and safe space for residents to learn to become independent pharmacists.

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Alisa Johnson, PharmD

Alisa Johnson, PharmD

Education: Roseman University, 2023
Professional interest(s): Currently, I am interested in becoming an ambulatory care pharmacist because I enjoy having patient contact. I also have an interest in precepting and research.
Why I chose Virginia Mason: I originally applied to Virginia Mason after visiting their booth at the 2022 ASHP Mid-Year Conference. I had them on my list of programs I was interested in, knowing that I was moving to Seattle after graduation. While at the booth I spoke with Tyler Davick, one of the current residents, and he seemed very welcoming and unstressed (I thought that was a good sign that the program cared about their residents). Upon interviewing with Virginia Mason, I quickly became excited about the program's wellness meetings and monthly social outing for their residents. I could feel that Lisa, the director, cared a lot about how her residents maintained their wellbeing outside of work. My home life is important to me, and I knew it would be important to them too; that is why I thought we would be a great "match."
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Meet Our Past Residents (2019-present)

Tyler Davick

Tyler Davick, PharmD

Education: Washington State University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2022
Professional interest(s): Inpatient care, infectious disease, glycemic control, psychiatry, critical care
Why I chose Virginia Mason: Virginia Mason stood out to me clearly when I met the team during my interview. The people I interviewed with demonstrated a positive environment at Virginia Mason. I liked the wide variety of clinical rotations at VM and their culture of constant improvement. Their PGY1 program allows residents to contribute in truly meaningful ways. They also have a unique dedication to resident wellness, which I appreciate to help promote resilience.
Hobbies: Playing with my two cats, trying new restaurants, and playing video games.
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Suejean Hwangpo

Suejean Hwangpo, PharmD

Education: University of Washington School of Pharmacy, 2022
Professional interest(s): Ambulatory care, general medicine, neurology, cardiology, critical care
Why I chose Virginia Mason: The PGY1 program at Virginia Mason offers a unique and well-balanced variety of rotations that are tailored to your interests, with a longitudinal focus on resident wellness. It was clear to me that Virginia Mason is an institution that promotes interdisciplinary care to act in the best interests of their patients. When I met the pharmacists during my interview, it also became clear that the team was a positive and supportive group of individuals with whom I could see myself growing alongside.
Hobbies: Hanging out with my boyfriend and our two dogs, playing co-op video games, and finding new eateries/breweries with friends.
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Kyle Sweetman, PharmD

Education: University of Washington School of Pharmacy, 2021
Professional interest(s): Ambulatory care, geriatrics
Why I chose Virginia Mason: Virginia Mason is known in Seattle as one of the leading institutions, focusing on patient care, and as an independent institution allows for greater flexibility for patient care compared to a larger institution, which may be restricted. I believed that Virginia Mason would allow me to grow as a pharmacist, meaningfully contribute to a team, and allow me to direct my learning towards the areas of pharmacy I find interest in.
Hobbies: Going on walks with my newborn daughter, playing with our dog, and reading.


Julia Kim, PharmD

Education: Washington State University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2021
Professional interest(s): CCU, management
Why I chose Virginia Mason: I chose Virginia Mason because of their emphasis on collaborative practice, medication safety and the variety of rotations. I found this PGY1 program to be unique because of their well-balanced selection of inpatient and ambulatory care rotations. Additionally, I appreciated that this institution valued the resident's wellness, which is incorporated throughout the year with activities, education sessions, and the support of preceptors.
Hobbies: Exploring coffee shops, hiking, and barre.


Amber Duldulao, PharmD

Hometown: Kaua`i, Hawai`i
Education: Washington State University School of Pharmacy, 2020
Professional interest(s): Internal medicine, ambulatory care, geriatrics
Why I chose Virginia Mason: I applied to Virginia Mason because of the diverse selection of required rotations, focus on patient and medication safety, and supportive environment provided by preceptors. I believed that Virginia Mason could challenge my critical thinking and enhance my patient care skills in a collaborative health care environment.
Hobbies: Hot yoga, hanging out with my dog, Hazel


Sarah Kim, PharmD

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea/Bellevue, WA
Education: Washington State University College of Pharmacy, 2019
Current Position: Inpatient clinical pharmacist at Virginia Mason
How did Virginia Mason prepare your for the next step of your career: Completing a PGY1 residency at Virginia Mason allowed me to practice pharmacy at the top of my license in both clinic and inpatient settings. The variety of rotations during the residency year led me to become a more well-rounded practitioner and helped in making an informed decision on my career path. I came out of residency with a better understanding of both inpatient and ambulatory practice, as well as our pharmacy profession and health care systems in general. I’ve also met amazing co-residents, preceptors, and co-workers who have all taught me tremendously along the way.



Amanda Popek, PharmD

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ / Bellevue, WA
Education: University of Washington School of Pharmacy, 2020
Current Position: Inpatient pharmacist at Virginia Mason Medical Center
How did Virginia Mason prepare you for the next step of your career: Residency was a time of both great personal and professional growth. I learned to become comfortable working in the grey areas – a skill that is invaluable for any new practitioner. In addition to further developing my critical thinking, interprofessional communication and clinical skills, our program provided numerous opportunities to further develop as a leader in the profession. By engaging with other health care practitioners, we facilitate meaningful change and establish a culture of teamwork and respect which is integral to providing high quality care.