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Program Requirements: St. Anne Pharmacy Residency

Residents are expected to comply with the residency program terms and conditions and satisfactorily complete all requirements listed below. Residents who adequately complete the residency requirements will receive their Residency Certificate as evidence of program completion. Evaluation of the resident's progress in completing the requirements is done as part of the rotation and quarterly evaluation/review process. The preceptors, in combination with the Residency Program Director, shall assess the ability of the resident to meet the requirements and work with the resident to assure their satisfactory completion.

The following requirements list the minimum conditions to successfully complete a PGY1 residency at St. Anne Hospital and achieve a certificate of completion.

ASHP PGY1 Residency Standards

  1. Resident has obtained a rating of Achieved on all objectives included in competency area Rl and objective ES.1.1.
  2. Resident has obtained a rating of Achieved on at least 90% of all required objectives as listed on page five and at least Satisfactory Progress on all of the remaining required objectives.

Learning experiences

Resident must successfully complete all requirements of each learning experience as listed in the learning experience description.

Residency Research Project

Resident must complete a research project designed to improve pharmacy practice. The residents can choose a project from preceptor suggestions or submit his/her research proposal to the RPD for approval. One to two preceptors and the RPD will serve as co-investigators for the project. The preceptor(s) will be determined by the topic of the research project. All projects must be presented at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Western States Conference. The residents will prepare a manuscript of their Research Project in a format acceptable for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Editorial assistance by preceptor is required.

Residency Advisory Committee (RAC)

Residents are required to attend all RAC meetings to discuss issues pertaining to the residency program and participate in actions/recommendations made at the meetings. Meetings will be scheduled by the RPD every other month. Absences must be excused in advance by the RPD.

Core group participation

Residents are required to participate in at least two core groups based on the interests of the resident. Residents are expected to attend meetings, take minutes as requested, and complete at least 1 project within a core group. Meeting absences must be excused in advance by the RPD.

Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T)

Residents are required to attend all P&T meetings unless approval granted by the RPD. Projects for P& T include writing and presenting drug monographs and formulary class reviews. Resident must prepare at least two monographs for P& T committee during the year.

Medication Safety Committee

Residents are required to attend all St. Anne meetings unless approval granted by the RPD. Residents will assist the pharmacy manager with analysis and presentation of medication errors and adverse drug reaction data.

Medication use evaluation (MUE)

Residents are required to complete at least 1 MUE and present findings to the P& T Committee and/or Medication Safety Committee.

Newsletter articles

Residents will be responsible for editing The Script pharmacy newsletter for at least 1 month and writing additional articles as needed.

Internship mentors

Residents will serve as role models for our interns and facilitate quarterly meetings to aid in their professional development. The resident must coordinate at least two meetings during the year.


All residents must participate in operational activities designed to ensure that residents gain operational experience and understand the distribution process. To achieve this, residents are scheduled to staff independently up to 24 hours every two weeks. During the year, the resident must staff a minimum of 30 8-hour shifts.


Each resident will assist with the residency recruitment efforts of the department. Each resident is a valuable source of information and advice for potential candidates.

  • UWSOP: Each resident will spend time providing information to interested candidates during the October event.
  • ASHP: Each resident will spend time providing information to interested candidates during the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in December. Residents will staff the residency showcase.
  • Residency Selection Committee: Each resident is required to participate in the process of selecting residents for the upcoming year. Time will be scheduled during the interview for interviewees to interact with current residents.