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Projects: St. Anne Pharmacy Residency


Charles Carpio
Drug Diversion Refresh and Application Implementation


Michelle Hoa
Optimization of Ambulatory Services - Oral Oncology

Fong Kit Tam
Pharmacist Impact on Smart Infusion Pump Compliance in a Health System


Sabrina Klem
Development and Implementation of Vancomycin Area Under the Curve Monitoring at an Acute Care Hospital

Elise Robinson
Pharmacist Driven Naloxone Prescribing Process at a Community Hospital


Stephen Ng
Pharmacy Impact on Glycemic Control through Electronic Glucose Management Software, Glucommander


Aaron John Cabuang
Pharmacist Impact on Piperacillin|Tazobactam Prescribing Within a Hospital


Christy Kim
Optimization Of A Controlled Substance Diversion Program To Improve Patient Safety And Quality Of Care


Courtney Strouse
Pharmacist Impact on Transition of Care in Uncontrolled, Recently Diagnosed, and Newly Initiated Insulin Therapy Patients with Diabetes

Lawrence Pajarillo
Assessing Pharmacist Driven Antimicrobial Optimization Services in the Emergency Department


Effect of MRSA-PCR for Optimizing Antibiotic Use in Pneumonia

Utilization of Lean Principles to Improve Pharmacy Workflow in an Oncology Clinic


Impact of Clinical Pharmacist Interventions on Improving Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Star Rating Within a Health System

Impact of Procalcitonin for Antimicrobial Optimization in Lower Respiratory Tract Infections


Impact of a Procalcitonin Algorithm in Septic Intensive Care Unit Patients on Antimicrobial Duration and De-escalation


Implementation of the HAS-BLED Bleeding Risk Assessment Tool into a Pharmacist Managed Warfarin Protocol

Implementation of Clinical Pharmacy Services in the Emergency Department at a Community Hospital


Outcomes of Providing Detailed Patient Education in Heart Failure Patients

Implementation of an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program at a Community Hospital