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A Double Jointed Success: Patient Stories

Total knee replacement surgery is common these days, but Gary Hill, Sr., had an uncommon experience. He had both his knees replaced within four months.

Gary, 59, didn’t have problems until three years ago, when four decades of hard labor as a machinist began to take its toll. “I’ve been in warehouses since I was 17, working on concrete floors eight to 12 hours a day, six days a week,” Gary says. “By the end of my shift, people had to help me out of the building.” He had developed osteoarthritis, which disrupted his sleep and made getting around difficult.

After his pain became severe, he had three knee operations, including two to repair torn cartilage and a partial replacement of his right knee, but they didn’t help. In April 2009, orthopedic surgeon Milan Moore, MD, totally replaced Gary’s right knee. The results were immediate. “Once the right knee was better, he realized how bad his left knee felt,” Dr. Moore says. That was replaced in July.


“Knee replacement gets better every year — lowering risks, improving longevity and decreasing pain and recovery time,” Dr. Moore adds. “We want a solution for pain, and now knee replacement provides that.”

Gary completed six weeks of physical therapy, followed by home exercises. Today, he feels great. While Gary says he would love to go back to work, both his shoulders are now in bad shape because of osteoarthritis, so he opted for retirement. Still, he can ride his beloved Harley, take trips with his wife and spend time with his son and two grandchildren.