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Interventional Radiology Procedure Treats Fibroids, Helps Patients Recover Faster: Patient Stories

While Melody Canty worked hard to help her students achieve their best possible fitness, one physical ailment started to interfere with her own high-energy lifestyle. For years, she had been troubled by uterine fibroids and they were getting worse.

“I had severe, heavy periods and pretty painful cramping,” Melody says. “I lived with it for a long time until it got bad enough that I needed to do something.”

Knowing she was eager to avoid a lengthy recovery period, Melody’s doctor recommended uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), a non-surgical medical procedure for fibroid treatment.

She also consulted with interventional radiologist Charles Leusner, MD, who performed the procedure at the Eva R. McLean Interventional Radiology Suite at St. Clare Hospital in Lakewood.

“It was an excellent choice for me … now, I’m back at full speed,” Melody says.