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Admission Notice of Patient Rights and Responsibilities


To assure all patients and their legal representative have been informed of their patient rights and responsibilities on admission.


It is the policy of Virginia Mason Franciscan Health to recognize and respect the rights of all patients. Discrimination in any form is prohibited. Patients receiving any health care services at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health shall be informed of these patient rights as well as their responsibilities.


Each patient/legal representative signs the notice at registration and is offered a written copy of the hospital's Notice of Patient's Rights and Responsibilities Acknowledgement. Every effort possible is made to provide this information in advance of providing or discontinuing care. The patient rights/responsibilities information may also be made available to patients throughout their stay upon request.

The Notice of Patient’s Rights and Responsibility provides the patient/legal representative written contact information for initiating a complaint should anyone believe their patient rights have been violated.

Patient rights, responsibilities and other information