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Prenatal Care

High-quality prenatal care at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health helps pregnant women stay as healthy as possible. It also gives your baby the best possible start in life. You receive ongoing pregnancy care from a team who genuinely cares for you and your baby’s well-being.

Prenatal care at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health: Why choose us?

At locations throughout the Puget Sound, our prenatal care professionals work together to deliver exceptional pregnancy services. We look after your health, your baby’s health and your family’s peace of mind. 

Highlights of our program include: 

  • Highly skilled providers: Virginia Mason Franciscan Health gives you more pregnancy and childbirth choices, starting with your prenatal care provider. Our team of trusted obstetricians (OBs), certified nurse midwives and family medicine providers offer a depth of experience. Learn more about choosing a maternity care provider.
  • Family focus: Your partner is essential to your care team and is welcome to attend prenatal checkups with you. We encourage you both to ask questions and let us know your concerns and preferences. These conversations help us tailor services that lead to exceptional care experiences.
  • High-risk pregnancy care: Most women have healthy pregnancies and babies. But if there is a concern, such as high blood pressure in the mother or a heart anomaly in the baby, you’re in capable hands. High-risk pregnancy services include specialized prenatal care from experts that help you and your baby stay as safe as possible.

Our prenatal care services

Pregnancy care at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health may include:

  • Visits include checking your weight, monitoring your blood pressure and doing periodic blood tests. We’ll want to know how you’re feeling and if you are eating a balanced diet and sleeping enough. We perform ultrasounds and listen to your baby’s heartbeat. Checkups also involve assessing your baby’s growth.

  • If you have a suspected or confirmed high-risk pregnancy, you may receive additional services from maternal-fetal medicine specialists. These obstetricians have advanced (fellowship) training in caring for pregnancy complications. 

    We may use advanced ultrasounds to monitor your baby’s development. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists also manage obstetric issues, such as high blood pressure or diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes). If the doctor thinks you could experience complications during delivery, they may schedule a C-section or ensure immediate access to pediatric specialists.

  • Genetic conditions like Down syndrome can occur due to family health history. We can detect some of these issues before a baby is born with genetic testing. Our genetic counselors help you determine whether testing is appropriate. If you choose to pursue it, they explain what the results mean for your baby’s health.

  • Preparing for your baby’s arrival can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. Our childbirth and parenting classes help you and your family learn what to expect. We offer various in-person and virtual options that make it easier to fit education into your busy schedule. Find out more about our family education classes or register online.

  • Prenatal care includes regular conversations about what to expect during labor and delivery. We help you choose a birth center close to home and pre-register, so you don’t have to worry about paperwork when you’re in labor. When the time is right, you’ll know who to call and where to go. 

    We also explain what to expect after you have your baby, such as how long you might need to stay at the birth center. You learn about postpartum and newborn care, including when to return for a checkup and who to contact for help.

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