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Obstetricians (OBs)

It’s natural to be nervous when you are pregnant. Let Virginia Mason Franciscan Health obstetricians (OBs) put your mind at ease. We deliver exceptional prenatal care and are here for you whenever your baby is ready to arrive. Our personalized approach helps you feel informed about your options so you can make the best choices for your growing family.

Obstetrical care at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health: Why choose us?

The team includes board-certified obstetrician-gynecologists who specialize in women’s reproductive health. Some are fully dedicated to pregnancy and childbirth. Our obstetricians are attentive to the needs of pregnant women and developing babies so that you feel cared for at every turn. Meet our team.

Benefits of selecting an obstetrician include: 

  • High-quality care: Many of our experts are fellows of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (FACOG). This distinction represents our commitment to following the latest prenatal care guidelines and childbirth methods.
  • Personalized birth plan: At Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, you can choose your birth plan. This may include a medicated or natural delivery, vaginal birth or C-section. We explain the risks and benefits of each option so you can feel confident about the care you receive. Find out more about labor and delivery.
  • Specialized obstetrical services: If you are at risk for conditions that could complicate your pregnancy or unborn baby’s health, you’re in the right place. Our OBs regularly help women with high-risk pregnancies stay healthy and have a safe delivery. This expertise helps women who have had preterm labor, high blood pressure and other issues during previous pregnancies.
  • Ongoing women’s health services: Our obstetrician-gynecologists excel in all aspects of women’s health. You may wish to see your OB after you deliver for future pregnancies or family planning services. OBs treat and manage other women’s health concerns, like heavy periods and menopause. Learn more about our gynecology services.

A safe delivery after high-risk pregnancy concerns: Alecia’s story
Alecia’s first pregnancy with twins was high-risk and resulted in preemies. Bracing for similar challenges with her second pregnancy, she turned to obstetrician Richelle Olsen, MD. After running some tests, Dr. Olsen assured Alecia that she and her baby were healthy, giving her newfound confidence that lasted the entire pregnancy. Watch Alecia tell her story.

Is an OB the right provider for my maternity care?

You may wish to choose an obstetrician if you:

  • Are interested in all types of medical pain relief options during labor and delivery
  • Want to receive care from a doctor capable of medical and surgical delivery methods 
  • Live with an existing condition, such as high blood pressure or diabetes 
  • Experienced a previous high-risk pregnancy

Family medicine obstetrics

Some of our family medicine providers also have additional training in obstetrics, meaning they provide prenatal care and deliver babies. Choosing one of these providers enables you to receive maternity services, treatment for general health concerns and newborn care from the same provider. Get more information about family medicine obstetrics.

Advanced care for high-risk pregnancies

Certain high-risk pregnancies benefit from the expertise of our maternal-fetal medicine specialists. These OBs completed advanced training in pregnancy complications and fetal development. You may need to consult a maternal-fetal specialist if your baby shows signs of a congenital issue, such as a heart anomaly. Specialists also treat pregnancy-related conditions, like gestational diabetes, that are not responding to standard treatments.

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