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Family Medicine Obstetrics

Family medicine providers deliver care to the whole family, including pregnant women and newborns. Some Virginia Mason Franciscan Health family medicine providers offer obstetrical care, including prenatal checkups and deliveries. When you choose a family medicine provider, you receive seamless care that combines maternity care with ongoing health needs.

Family medicine obstetrics: Why choose us?

From annual physicals to acute illnesses, people across the Puget Sound have been turning to our family medicine providers for generations. We build trusting relationships with patients that extend through all stages of life. Our providers are accessible and understand your needs, which makes them a natural choice for maternity care. Find out more about family medicine with obstetrics physicians.

Benefits of selecting a family medicine provider for obstetrical care include: 

  • Skilled experts: All family medicine providers are board-certified. This means they pass rigorous exams demonstrating their knowledge. Their backgrounds include focused training in obstetrics, including prenatal care, labor and delivery.
  • Convenience: Choosing a family medicine provider often means receiving obstetrical care from someone you already know and trust. If you do not already have a provider, it’s easy to find one in a clinic close to home.
  • Comprehensive maternity services: You receive prenatal care and treatment for general health concerns from one provider. Knowing your health history helps us pinpoint your risk of complications. If you experience a non-obstetrical condition, like a skin rash, we provide treatments that are safe for you and your baby.
  • Postpartum and newborn care: We detect and treat postpartum issues, like depression. Our providers also screen for potential complications, such as abnormal bleeding. If you had diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes), we ensure you receive follow-up blood tests. We also provide newborn services, including checkups and sick care.

Is family medicine obstetrics right for me?

Women who choose family medicine providers for maternity care typically:

  • Have low-risk pregnancies
  • Wish to receive services from as few providers as necessary
  • Are interested in all types of medical pain relief options during labor and delivery
  • Prefer a provider who can care for their baby beyond the newborn period

Timely, coordinated care for pregnancy and labor complications

Family medicine providers do everything possible to lower the risk of pregnancy complications. If something unexpected happens, we’ve still got you covered. When appropriate, we coordinate with other maternity specialists for high-risk pregnancy care. If issues occur during labor, OBs can quickly step in and provide additional expertise.

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