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Reconstructive Surgery

When an illness or traumatic injury changes your appearance, we can help restore the way you look so you can focus on your recovery. The skilled surgeons and staff at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health offer the latest treatments and technologies to restore your body from the effects of disease, lesions, trauma and previous surgeries.

Restore what life takes away

Our surgeons are experienced and have highly specialized training with a history of excellent outcomes. We specialize in helping breast cancer patients; those who have undergone bariatric surgery; and those who've suffered trauma, including facial fractures.

Experts in reconstructive surgery

Our surgeons review the details of your reconstructive surgery options and likely outcomes during your consultation. You and your doctor decide on the best option together. While results can be dramatic, satisfaction depends upon setting realistic expectations. Learn more about the procedures we offer.

Reconstructive surgery after cancer

When cancer takes a toll on your body, we’re here to help you get your life back. Our multidisciplinary teams work together on all aspects of treatment, recovery and reconstruction for patients with breast cancer and skin cancer.

Reconstructive surgery after breast cancer

Our plastic surgeons offer a unique combination of microsurgical techniques and implant reconstruction to give you the best options for reconstructive surgery after breast cancer. This includes microvascular surgery, reconnecting tiny vessels during reconstruction, which requires specialized, fellowship-trained surgeons. Learn more about breast reconstruction.

Reconstructive surgery after skin cancer

At Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, our skilled team of caregivers develop a targeted and focused plan of treatment just for you. This multidisciplinary group includes dermatologists, surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists and radiologists who work with nurses, physical therapists, nutritionists and others to create a personalized plan of care for each patient. Learn more about reconstructive surgery after skin cancer.

Wound/burn reconstruction

At Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, we specialize in the latest wound reconstruction techniques. Our surgical team works directly with the Wound Care Center to assist in wound reconstruction. Learn more about wound/burn reconstruction.

Planning for reconstructive surgery

If you’re considering reconstructive surgery, you likely have many questions about your surgical options and what your recovery might be like. We will provide you with the support and information you need, including:

  • How to prepare for reconstructive surgery
  • What to expect while in the hospital or surgery facility
  • Rehabilitation and aftercare
  • Payment considerations

Reconstructive surgery forms

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Reconstructive surgery experts near you

You don’t have to travel far to find an expert team. To schedule a consultation for reconstructive surgery, please call 206-223-6831.