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For Providers

At Madrona Pharmacy, we work in close partnership with health care providers to offer comprehensive patient education, ensure appropriate medication use, including symptom management, and help patients connect with resources to provide financial assistance with out-of-pocket costs.

Specialty services for our providers

  • Direct messaging with patients and providers in Epic and Cerner medical records

  • Pharmacy submits prior authorization for all specialty medications

  • Pharmacists operate under a protocol to order and monitor labs for some therapies

  • Proactive enrollment in commercial and non-profit copay assistance programs and grants

  • Ongoing support for refills and side effects

  • Advanced clinical protocols that range from basic routing to full disease therapy management

Services for your patients

  • Access to our pharmacist specialists who are well-qualified to help manage complex conditions, such as HIV, oncology, etc.
  • Medication therapy management
  • Counseling for symptom management
  • Direct communication via EHR

What providers can expect

Send us your prescriptions, we’ll take care of the PA process, and we will contact your team with additional information or instructions.

Sending prescriptions to Specialty Pharmacy

  • Provider sends prescription via e-prescribe to “Madrona Pharmacy”

  • Specialty pharmacy team verifies benefits, obtains prior authorization and/or copay assistance

  • Pharmacy notifies patient and provider of PA outcome

  • Pharmacy dispenses medication to patient or sends order to patient’s preferred pharmacy

More information

If you are a patient, view more information here.