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Our gynecology services address medical problems unique to the female reproductive system. Whether you experience heavy periods, infertility or menopause symptoms, these issues don’t have to slow you down.

The experts at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health are here for you with compassion, expertise and a broad range of services. Our services bring relief and pave the way toward a healthy, happy future.

Gynecology at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health: Why choose us?

Our highly skilled providers use the latest techniques to address common and complex gynecologic concerns. People throughout the Puget Sound turn to us because of our successful track record. Any symptom that’s bothersome to you matters to us. We’ll get to the bottom of it and determine a path forward. Read more about the gynecologic conditions and symptoms we treat.

Our commitment to you
Virginia Mason Franciscan Health is honored to serve our community’s diverse population. We welcome patients of all ages and ethnic backgrounds who are married and single, gay and straight, transgender or gender-nonconforming. Our friendly, nonjudgmental environment makes it easier to have honest conversations about your health.

At each of our clinics, you’ll find providers who respect your cultural beliefs, lifestyle and medical preferences. We understand that it’s not always easy making time to receive care for gynecologic conditions. Our providers are attentive to your needs and wishes so that you can get the most out of your gynecology appointment.

Gynecology services we offer

We care for people through every stage of life—from adolescence through menopause and beyond.

Gynecology services at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health include:

  • We perform tests such as breast and pelvic exams to detect the early signs of cancer. Our comprehensive approach involves additional services, like blood pressure checks and mental health screening, that support your overall health. If appropriate, we may also refer you to other providers for assessments such as mammograms or lung cancer screenings.

    Learn more about gynecologic screenings and preventive care.

  • Our reproductive health services put your goals within reach. If you do not wish to start a family, we explain the best birth control options for your needs. People who wish to start a family and are having difficulty conceiving have access to fertility testing. And if your periods are irregular or causing frustrating symptoms, we offer a range of therapies.

    Get more information about reproductive health services.

  • Menopause and perimenopause are a natural part of midlife and cause symptoms that are sometimes bothersome. Our compassionate team understands what you’re going through and tailors treatments to your needs. We may also recommend services to detect additional health concerns during this life stage so that you receive timely treatment.

    Find out more about care for menopause and perimenopause.

  • Sexual health issues, like painful intercourse and low libido, are more common than you think. And they don’t need to get in the way of your happiness. We listen with care as you describe your symptoms. You receive personalized recommendations that may include medications, hormones and counseling. 

    Learn more about how we diagnose and treat female sexual dysfunction.

  • Virginia Mason Franciscan Health is home to specialists and services you might not expect to find close to home. Our offerings include:  

    • Minimally invasive surgery: We are one of the Puget Sound’s foremost minimally invasive gynecologic surgery programs. Our experience performing hundreds of these procedures each year helps us maintain exceptional outcomes.
    • Gynecologic oncology: Doctors with advanced (fellowship) training in gynecologic cancer work alongside other specialists to deliver comprehensive care in one setting. Read more about cervical, ovarian and uterine cancer diagnosis and treatment.
    • Urogynecology: These experts specialize in gynecologic issues impacting pelvic organs, like organ prolapse and incontinence. They are part of our Pelvic Floor Center and have helped thousands of patients get relief from nagging and embarrassing symptoms.


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