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Funding Requests: About Us

As part of our mission to create healthier communities, we support the charitable efforts of local organizations through sponsorships and program funding. Here’s information about how to request support from Virginia Mason Franciscan Health.

Types of requests we support

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health supports projects or programs in these categories:

Mission-based initiatives

Projects and events that address Virginia Mason Franciscan Health’s community health priorities:

  • Improving access to health care, especially for underserved populations
  • Improving behavioral health care
  • Preventing violence, especially in youth and young adults
  • Increasing access to healthy foods and physical activity
  • Improving birth outcomes and access to prenatal care

Corporate sponsorships

Events and activities such as health fairs and festivals, health screenings and nonprofit community events.

By “support,” we mean:

  • Financial contributions
  • Allocation of staff
  • Other “in kind” resources such as printing or exposure in Virginia Mason Franciscan Health’s communications vehicles

Our sponsorship guidelines

We consider many factors when assessing the potential sponsorship of community events. These guidelines and criteria are subject to change without notice.

Criteria for mission-based support

We support only organizations that are defined as nonprofit under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and are not private foundations as defined under Section 509(a). All mission-based programs must also:

  • Seek to improve the health status of individuals and communities
  • Be consistent with Virginia Mason Franciscan Health’s core values and mission
  • Align with Virginia Mason Franciscan Health’s community health priorities
  • Funding requests should not exceed $5,000

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health will NOT provide funding for:

  • Endowments or development campaigns
  • Travel-related expenses, unless they are integral components of a larger project selected for funding
  • Organizations or projects that discriminate against individuals based on race, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference or any other factor
  • Organizations or projects that are considered to be in direct competition with Virginia Mason Franciscan Health
  • Political organizations or candidates
  • Individuals
  • Mission-based groups that are not 501(c)(3) organizations

Apply today for support

To apply for sponsorship, please follow these steps:

If you have questions, please call 253-680-8887 for corporate sponsorships. Or, you can email us at: [email protected].

You will receive a confirmation from us upon receipt of your application. Please allow four to six weeks for processing each request, at which time we will notify applicants whether requests are approved or denied.