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Neuroscience Institute Visiting Scholar Program

Visiting scholars bring cultural and professional perspectives that enrich mutual understanding and application of innovations and quality standards in neuroscience and neurological care. The Neuroscience Institute at Virginia Mason, building on its education and research mission as well as on the Virginia Mason mission to be the quality leader and transform health care, supports a visiting scholar program for both national and international leaders working in the area of neuroscience. The program aims to foster collaboration across the globe to translate evidence-based practice, affect quality of care in systematic ways, and develop innovations in neuroscience.


Visiting Scholars at the Neuroscience Institute are onsite for training, educational observation of patient care and research activities such as hypothesis generation, IRB submission, abstraction and analysis of data, and manuscript preparation and submission. They do not have direct patient contact or provide clinical care of any kind. A Virginia Mason provider sponsor for every visiting scholar delivers mentorship and guidance through regular meetings, is responsible for the visiting scholar’s day-to-day activities, and serves as the visiting scholar’s main contact point during the appointment period. The sponsor serves as an intellectual collaborator while the visiting scholar pursues his/her educational, observational and research goals. 


Appointment of a visiting scholar is at the discretion of the Neuroscience Institute and is subject to the following requirements:

  1. Application. Visiting scholars must submit a complete application and receive a letter of invitation from Virginia Mason eight months prior to their intended start date.
  2. Sponsor. Each visiting scholar must be sponsored by a Virginia Mason Neuroscience Institute provider who has expertise consistent with areas of interest identified by the visiting scholar. Applicants identify and confirm sponsorship prior to application. Acceptance as a visiting scholar is subject to the provider's availability during the requested time frame.
  3. Minimum Appointment. Visiting scholar appointments last a minimum of 30 days but may extend for longer periods if approved by the NSI Executive Director and Senior Director for Research & Academics. Extensions of appointments are subject to approval by the NSI Executive Director and Senior Director for Research & Academics, and may be contingent on visa limitations. Visiting scholars must arrive to Virginia Mason on the first day of their appointment ready to onboard and engage in program activity. Visiting scholars with 10-12 month appointments are expected to co-author a minimum of three manuscripts submitted to peer-reviewed journals during the appointment period.
  4. Visa. If invited, visiting scholars must provide proof of a valid United States visa which allows participation in the Visiting Scholar Program. Visiting scholars are required to secure their own visas for the duration of the visiting scholar appointment.
  5. Language Proficiency. Visiting scholars are expected to have outstanding fluency in the English language so as to participate fully in the intellectual and observational opportunities of the NSI community.


The Neuroscience Institute does not provide financial support of any kind for visiting scholars. Visiting scholars are responsible for all funding to support their time at the NSI, including travel, housing, health insurance, and incidental expenses such as supplies, long-distance calls, photocopying, statistical consultations, secretarial services and parking. Visiting scholars must make their own housing and travel arrangements. 


To apply, prospective visiting scholars must provide the following at least eight months prior to their intended start date:

  1. A copy of their current medical or other professional license
  2. Curriculum vitae (CV)
  3. Documentation of valid funding for the desired period of appointment
  4. Statement of goals, including the following elements:
    • Desired start and end dates of visiting scholar appointment
    • Identification of a Virginia Mason provider who has agreed to serve as sponsor
    • Outline of research goals compatible with the mission of the Neuroscience Institute
    • Number of manuscripts of publishable quality that the visiting scholar commits to completing by the end of the appointment period
    • Statement attesting to English language competency, if English is a second language. Identify reading, writing and speaking ability on a scale of ten levels: Novice Low, Mid and High; Intermediate Low, Mid and High; Advanced Low, Mid and High; and Fluent
  5. Three written letters of recommendation
  6. A scanned copy of your current passport and any current visa issued to you

To apply, please submit each item listed above to:

Kelsey Hanson, NSI Academic Specialist
[email protected]