Our Residents and Graduates


Basil Ferenczi

Basil Ferenczi, MD - 2022 Thomas Jefferson

Ron Ron Cheng

Ron Ron Cheng, MD - 2023 University of Mississippi

Adam Daily

Adam Daily, MD - 2024 Vanderbilt University

Renzo DiNatale

Renzo DiNatale, MD - 2025 Luis Razetti School of Medicine, Universidad Central de Venezuela


Oriyomi “Yomi” Alimi, MD - 2026 Yale School of Medicine


Ryan Donahue

Ryan Donahue, MD - 2021 Texas Tech Post Residency: Private Practice, Texas

Andrew Stamm

Andrew Stamm, MD - 2020 Harvard Medical School Post Residency: Private Practice, Washington State

Elliot Blau

Elliot Blau, MD - 2019 University of Florida Fellowship, Laparoscopy and Robotics, Swedish Hospital (Jim Porter, MD)