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Transitional Year Residency: Virginia Mason Medical Center

Transitional and Preliminary Medicine Internships

First year programs

Virginia Mason offers a Transitional Year program with five positions and an Internal Medicine Preliminary Year with four positions, both approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

Welcome! We’re glad you’ve found us. The Virginia Mason internship programs each provide a year of learning, growth, and camaraderie in preparation for wherever your training takes you.

Our residents developed a mission statement for the Transitional Year, which is also applicable to the Preliminary Year: Our mission is to create a personalized, multidisciplinary foundation to transform residents into specialists through innovation and quality-focused training.

Personalized: We make every effort to tailor the experience to each intern by taking into account preferences, career plans, and personal interests in creating the schedule.

Multidisciplinary: Transitional Year internships are a unique opportunity to develop skills across both medical and surgical specialties, and the Preliminary Medicine internship allows for a deeper dive across internal medicine specialties. We take pride in providing the same quality of education to our single-year interns as our categorical interns receive.

Transform residents into specialists: Our interns have a wide variety of career plans following the strong clinical foundation created by their intern year.

Innovation and quality-focused training: Virginia Mason Medical Center is internationally recognized for its robust and unique quality improvement infrastructure. An internship here includes specific education on these tools through our Systems Based Practice rotation. For those interested in diving deeper, interns are always welcome to get involved in shaping the processes around them.

Above all, this clinical training is delivered in an environment that prioritizes support and well-being. Whether you’re only at Virginia Mason for a year or you’re staying in one of our categorical programs, the friendships you make and the network you develop will be part of your support system for years to come. You’ll also have ample opportunity to explore Seattle and the immense natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

We hope you’ll consider joining us!

Carly Magnusson

Carly Magnusson, MD
Program Director, Transitional Year

Brandee Grooms

Brandee Grooms, MD
Program Director, Internal Medicine