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Customizable Curriculum

"We create tailored experiences to develop exceptional physicians, fulfilled individuals, and innovative leaders."

One of the many benefits of a smaller program like Virginia Mason is that educational opportunities can be adapted to fit your career goals. This is done both in the selection of rotations and electives a resident will do as well as being able to focus on specific interests and skill development within required rotations. We strive to create well rounded physicians who have opportunities to go deeper into their fields of interest.

"When I started residency, I knew I wanted to subspecialize and I was able to create a tailored experience at Virginia Mason that prepared me well for fellowship opportunities. I established a subspeciality continuity clinic throughout my second year of residency, which allowed me to explore my field of interest. I also appreciated the scholarly opportunities at Virginia Mason, with protected research time and the opportunity to present my research at local and national conferences. One of the highlights of my residency was working on the Medical Student Teaching Committee, helping to create a better learning environment for University of Washington medical students on their internal medicine rotation." - Laura Mayeda Saganic, Class of 2020

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