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Mission, Vision and Educational Goals

Our mission

We train Family Physicians to be compassionate leaders of multidisciplinary teams providing full-spectrum, evidence-based care in remote settings and areas with varied levels of resources.

Our vision

To be recognized nationally as a program with commitment to patient-centered, evidence-based, service-oriented family medicine using innovative training methods for patient care.

Educational goals

We train family physicians to:

I. Provide comprehensive care for patients with a broad range of medical conditions across the spectrum of acute illness, chronic illness and preventive health planning

II. Provide individualized, compassionate care for underserved populations within the Pacific Northwest

III. Lead multidisciplinary teams within the Patient-centered Medical Home in rural and underserved areas of the Pacific Northwest

IV. Communicate efficiently and compassionately during patient, family and community encounters

V. Use leading-edge technology for the benefit of their patients and their communities

VI. Be effective and efficient lifelong learners

VII. Assume medical leadership and community services roles in local communities, in the Pacific Northwest, and in the nation