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We are happy to clarify any information or answer specific questions you may have about benefits offered at Northwest Washington Family Medicine Residency. It is possible that offerings may change, so final salary and benefits packages may differ. Please contact us to submit questions or call us.

Paid personal time off

Benefits include up to 30 days of paid personal time off per year, to use as vacation, sick and continuing medical education (CME) days.


Seven (7) days, with some on-call obligations.

Continuing medical education

Trainees (PGY1-PGY8) are provided $1,000.00 per year as more particularly described in the VMFH House Staff Manual and applicable Program Manual.


Medical, dental, group life and disability insurance are provided for residents and dependents. Primary medical professional liability insurance coverage, including “tail” coverage, is provided to all residents through Virginia Mason Franciscan Health.


Annual salaries for residents are as follows:

R1: $65,805 annually

R2: $68,135 annually

R3: $70,848 annually

Chief resident: $73,789

Relocation assistance

An amount not to exceed $1,750 per Matched resident.


$900 per year (provided Trainee agrees to applicable terms and conditions), in quarterly disbursements while employed as a trainee.


$100 per month as described in VMFH House Staff Manual – SMMC Addendum.


Annual housing stipend: $7,500 per year in quarterly disbursements while employed as a trainee. Trainees will be responsible for securing their living quarters and transportation.

Medical, parental and caregiver (MPC) leave

Trainee will be provided six (6) weeks (i.e., 240 hours) of approved medical, parental, and caregiver (MPC) leave(s) of absence for qualifying reasons that are consistent with applicable laws once during the duration of the Program. When approved the Trainee shall receive one hundred percent (100%) of their salary in addition to continued health plan and disability insurance benefits for the Trainee and any eligible dependent and as further described in the applicable Site Sponsor’s policy on leave.









Wellness and balance is important to all of us and we strive to integrate several wellness activities into our routine.

  1. Practice Yoga once per rotation
  2. Practice guided meditation twice per rotation
  3. Discuss physician burnout once per rotation
  4. Annual residency retreat weekend
  5. Quarterly Resident and Faculty Time (RAFT), out-of-clinic team-building activities
  6. Quarterly Fix Your Stuff Time (FYST), afternoon free for scheduled personal activities/errands
  7. Resident/staff after-hours social activities
  8. Weekly didactics allow us to come together as a group and check in
  9. Didactic sessions on sleep, gratitude, mindfulness, time management and nutrition
  10. Professional group and individual coaching sessions in the R2 year
  11. Workout room/shower on-site in Family Medicine Clinic
  12. Attentive/engaged faculty and residents that care about each other's wellness

Benefits documents

Documents presented below offer a snapshot of benefit offerings while training at Northwest Washington Family Medicine Residency. Offerings are subject to change. Contact us for the most current information.

Benefits at a Glance

Professional Liability Coverage

401 (k) Plan

457 (b) Plan