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Curriculum - Ryan Hill Research Foundation Fellowship

The goal of the Ryan Hill Research Foundation Thoracoesophageal Fellowship is to provide a unique and challenging experience for the fellow:

  1. Interact with Virginia Mason team members and trainees and to have first-hand interaction with the concept of team medicine and the Virginia Mason Production System.
  2. Perform meaningful supervised research and engage in scholarly activities. Although the fellow will be in a position to observe patient interactions and operations, the fellow will not have any personal clinical responsibility, nor participate in clinical care.
  3. The fellow will utilize the four current esophageal databases currently under IRB approval at Virginia Mason to generate retrospective research projects. The fellow will also be responsible for selectively maintaining these databases.
  4. The fellow will have an opportunity to interact with the Virginia Mason multidisciplinary team directly related to ongoing research projects. This team will typically provide opportunities to work with diagnostic and interventional radiology, gastroenterology, pathology, anesthesiology and surgery.
  5. The fellow will study, analyze and publish on esophageal disease, including both benign and malignant conditions as well as examining various process issues associated with the care delivery of esophageal disease.

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