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Hailey's Surgical Weight Loss Story

I have the rest of my life to live

As a patient access representative at the Franciscan Center for Weight Management (FCWM) in Federal Way, 23-year-old Hailey Emmons provides information and reassurance to current and prospective patients. In 2017, concerned about her own health, Hailey found she too had questions about surgical weight loss. Encouraged by her stepmother’s successful bariatric surgery, Hailey made plans to attend a FCWM seminar to learn more.

A serial dieter since age 14, Hailey tried popular weight loss plans but found the weight never stayed off for long. She was ready to stop the cycle of repeated diets and interested in safe, permanent weight loss. But despite Hailey’s experience working in healthcare clinics, the idea of surgery was intimidating, she said. “This would be my first surgery, and the idea of general anesthesia was scary.”

At the seminar the surgeon provided straightforward information about bariatric surgery, answering her questions openly and honestly, Hailey said. The seminar included information about the benefits of minimally invasive and robotic-assisted bariatric surgeries, which include shorter hospital stays, shorter healing time, and less pain than traditional procedures

Soon after, Hailey decided to proceed with a sleeve gastrectomy, also called gastric sleeve surgery. Hailey’s procedure was performed by surgeon Haroon Anwar, MD, on January 10, 2018. “Because my stepmom went through the surgery, I knew what to expect, and that helped with my healing and recovery. Having the support of my family was really important,” she said.

The following year, Hailey achieved her goal of triple-digit weight loss and has successfully maintained her new, healthier lifestyle. “Dr. Anwar did an excellent job,” she said. “Having the support of my family and the staff here, especially the nutritionist, has been great. I’ve changed the way I prepare food and the way I eat in restaurants.”

“I feel great. I have the rest of my life to look forward to, and now I feel like I can really live it.”

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