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Jessica Kosloski: Let Go and Enjoy

As a labor and delivery nurse, Jessica Kosloski knows a thing or two about birth. When she began planning her own birth in 2020, she knew she wanted to deliver at the Midwifery Birth Center at St. Joseph. “I knew I wanted Jennifer Eagle as my midwife, which I think says a lot about the care here,” she said. “The midwives in this group really go the extra mile to care for you.”

Choosing midwifery care felt completely natural for Kosloski, who knew she wanted a low-intervention, unmedicated birth. “The Midwifery Birth Center truly offers the best of both worlds,” she said. “You can have a low-intervention birth with your spouse and your care team present, with the hospital and skilled medical professionals nearby if an emergency does arise.”

On August 21, 2020, after working two shifts, Kosloski felt her labor progressing. She and her husband Nick arrived at the midwifery birth center around 7 p.m., and their son Cole arrived a few short hours later. Her wish for a natural water birth came true: Cole’s birth was unmedicated and took place in the tub in their birth center suite. “My biggest worry was that as a nurse, it would be hard for me to let go and be the patient during my birth,” she said. “But I really trusted my midwife and everyone around me, and I was truly able to let you and enjoy the process.”

Although her stay at the MBC was blissfully brief — the family discharged six hours after Cole was born — Kosloski left with enough memories to last a lifetime, she said. “Honestly the best thing was that afterward, we were able snuggle as a family together on a wonderful bed with fresh sheets,” she said. “You don’t feel like you’re in a hospital setting. Other than checking Cole’s vital signs, everyone allowed us to have those precious moments together as a family.”

Experiencing the Midwifery Birth Center as a patient gave her a new perspective on the value of midwifery care, Kosloski said. “I feel so beyond grateful and appreciative that we are able to offer this resource to our community.”