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Portal Visits in MyVirginiaMason

To complement in-person and video appointments, we are pleased to offer you appointments through MyVirginiaMason. When appropriate and with your consent, our clinicians are happy to address your concerns by MyVirginiaMason message.

Why have a MyVirginiaMason visit?

  • Convenient — No appointment needed; the visit is on your time
  • Efficient — Your concern is reviewed by your clinical team in less than 24 hours
  • Cost Effective — Lower cost compared to other types of visits
  • Comfort — Eases the burden of traveling to the clinic
  • Expanded Care — There is only one charge for addressing your concern over a seven day period

Who can have a MyVirginiaMason visit?

You are eligible to have a MyVirginiaMason visit if you:

  • Are already enrolled in MyVirginiaMason
  • Are an established patient — new patients are not eligible for this type of visit
  • Have non-urgent concerns or questions
  • Have not had an in-person or video visit in the past seven days for the same concern

What kind of things can be covered in a MyVirginiaMason visit?

Common topics for a MyVirginiaMason visits include:

  • Non-urgent medical questions or concerns
  • Requests for form completion
  • Requests for letters (excluding letters for emotional support animals)
  • Medication renewals
  • Referral requests

How does it work?

You can initiate a MyVirginiaMason visit via an email to your provider. Here's how it works:

  • Send a MyVirginiaMason message to your provider requesting an online appointment. Please include the reason(s) for the visit request.
  • Our staff will respond to confirm that a MyVirginiaMason visit is the appropriate appointment type for your concern(s).
  • Once scheduled, your provider will contact you via MyVirginiaMason to address your concern(s) within 3-5 business days.
  • You will have to sign a consent that will need to be renewed annually.

Are MyVirginiaMason visits covered by insurance?

MyVirginiaMason visits will be billed to your insurance company as a simple encounter. There may be some cost sharing for you based on your insurance plan.

How much does a MyVirginiaMason visit cost?

You are billed for the total time spent by your provider. (The minimum time billed by a provider is five minutes.) What you will be charged will depend on your insurance plan.

Use the portal visit code information below to work with your insurance company to determine your costs.