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Kidney Stones

Most people are familiar with the term kidney stone. But while stones do form in the kidneys, they often move and grow larger in the ureter or bladder, and are then called ureter stones or bladder stones.

Stones can cause excruciating pain—or no pain at all. Symptoms vary, depending on the type, size and location of the stones.

At Virginia Mason, our expert urologists make a precise diagnosis of your particular stones, and provide you with the most effective treatment possible. Our patients have excellent outcomes in resolving their kidney stones.

In addition to excellent outcomes, what sets Virginia Mason apart is our key focus on preventing stones from recurring. This is an unusual approach in medicine today. But we think it is an extremely important one because if you develop kidney stones once, you have a 50 percent chance of getting them again within 10 years.

While a stone can form without ever bothering you, about 1 in 10 people in the U.S. are hospitalized every year because of their symptoms.

Our specialists are board-certified and fellowship-trained, with special expertise in treating the most complex stone diseases.

We treat some of the highest volumes of patients with stones in the Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho region.

For more information about kidney stones or to schedule an appointment, call 206-223-6772.