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Referring Physicians Information

Thank you for considering a referral to Virginia Mason Franciscan Health; we value our partnerships with other providers within our community. Our services are offered through a multidisciplinary team of providers, with different expertise and specialties, to serve as a compliment to the care you offer your patients.

Our care team follows the Standards of Care from WPATH and would appreciate your cooperation when referring a patient, to please include the following information for your patient:

  • Patient Demographics
  • History and Physical/Chart notes
  • Mental Health Letter(s) - these letters are critical for most insurance companies and requires that the letter, from a licensed mental health provider, the provider's signature, date, and demonstrates an established relationship with the patient.
  • Any additional information you can provide with medication, allergy, or lab results, if applicable.

Some services have specific requirements prior to being seen in consultation and if this is the case, we may reach out to you for help in securing this information to help schedule your patient.

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health's Find a Physician resource is a comprehensive online directory where you can find a Virginia Mason Franciscan Health physician or clinician by name, specialty and location. You will be able to browse physicians' education and training background, as well as areas of expertise and certification.

Online Physician Referral Form

Fax: 800-641-9002
Patient Referral Fax Form
Phone: 877-333-0122

Learn more about referring a patient to Virginia Mason Franciscan Health.