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Surgery Services

At Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, we welcome the opportunity to provide you with excellent surgical care and assist you during your recovery. Our experienced team—including expert surgeons, anesthesiologists and specialized nurses—provides advanced, compassionate care for you before, during and after your surgery.

Award winning general surgery care

We’re proud that our hospitals have earned numerous awards and accolades for patient care including Virginia Mason Medical Center’s recent naming as one of America’s Best Hospitals for General Surgery Care by Healthgrades for the 7th consecutive year. In addition, Virginia Mason Medical Center is a Healthgrades’ Five-Star recipient for colorectal surgery, gastrointestinal bleed and bowel obstruction.

In addition to national recognition, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health’s St. Francis Hospital in Federal Way and Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle are both designated as Bariatric Centers of Excellence since 2005 by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP) through the American College of Surgeons. Multiple hospitals are accredited by the multidisciplinary Commission on Cancer (CoC)—a program of the American College of Surgeons (ACoS) that recognizes cancer care programs for their commitment to providing comprehensive, high-quality and multidisciplinary patient-centered care.

Multidisciplinary care

Surgical care at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health is performed with a multidisciplinary team of specialists. Our team of specialists work closely with the renowned teams in Cancer Care and our Center for Digestive Health, as well as with many other specialties to ensure we offer the most advanced treatment.

Types of surgery

Our surgeons are experts in all types of surgical procedures. Your surgeon will recommend the approach that offers you the best outcome. Learn more about the types of procedures we perform, including:

  • Traditional surgery, also known as conventional or open surgery, is a technique that uses a longer incision to access a surgical site.
  • Minimally invasive surgery uses very small incisions instead of a larger incision, inserting miniature instruments to perform the procedure.
  • Robot-assisted surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery using a high-tech robotic surgical system. Your surgeon controls the procedure from a nearby console and you’re monitored by the expert team at your bedside.

Day surgery (outpatient surgery)

Many surgical procedures are performed on an outpatient basis. You check in at the hospital or surgery center in the morning, and by evening you’ll be recovering in your own home.

Day (outpatient) surgery locations

General location information for the other locations with day surgeries:

Surgical specialty areas

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health offers a complete range of inpatient and outpatient surgical services. For more information, select a specialty area below.

  • Virginia Mason Franciscan Health's bariatric surgeons specialize in the surgical treatment of obesity. Together with dedicated support from dietitians and nursing specialists, we’ve enabled individuals with morbid obesity to sustain weight loss at a healthy level.
    Meet our providers
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  • (Heart and chest)
    Virginia Mason Franciscan Health's cardiothoracic surgeons perform coronary artery bypass grafting and valve replacement and repair; surgical procedures for thoracic aortic aneurysms, trachea, mediastinal and lung cancer; and advanced treatment for minimally invasive atrial fibrillation.
    Meet our providers
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  • (Esophagus, chest, stomach, pancreas, kidney, liver)
    Virginia Mason Franciscan Health's general surgeons specialize in surgical procedures for hernias and hemorrhoids; conditions affecting the liver, gallbladder, thyroid, lung and esophagus; and aortic, carotid and re-operative surgical procedures.
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  • (Female reproductive system)
    Virginia Mason Franciscan Health's gynecology and urogynecology surgeons provide consultation and surgery for pelvic floor issues which include disorders of the female reproductive system, including fibroids, endometriosis, removal of the uterus (hysterectomy) and treatment for incontinence and prolapsed organs, and gynecologic cancer.
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  • (Brain and spine)
    Virginia Mason Franciscan Health's neurosurgeons offer consultations and surgery for disorders affecting the nervous system, including brain tumors, blood vessel abnormalities, epilepsy, spine conditions, and movement disorders such as Parkinson's disease.
    Meet our neurosurgery providers
    Meet our spine surgery providers
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  • (Eyes)
    Virginia Mason Franciscan Health's ophthalmology team uses lasers and advanced surgical techniques to treat cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic eye issues, and macular degeneration. They also perform cosmetic eyelid and facial surgery, as well as corneal transplantation.
    Meet our providers
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  • (Shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger, hip, knee, foot, ankle, toe)
    Virginia Mason Franciscan Health's orthopedic surgeons evaluate and treat bone and joint ailments of the knee, hip, shoulder, clavicle, elbow, hand, foot and ankle. In addition, an orthopedic oncologist treats bone and tumor masses.
    Meet our orthopedics providers
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    Virginia Mason Franciscan Health's sports medicine provider team evaluates and treats sports injuries to the shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle and foot.
    Meet our sports medicine providers
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  • (Head, neck, ear, nose, throat)
    Virginia Mason Franciscan Health's specialists in otolaryngology—also known as ear, nose and throat (ENT)—specialize in facial plastic surgery, cochlear implants, head and neck cancer, and removal of acoustic (relating to sound or hearing) tumors.
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  • (Full body, including trunk, abdomen, breasts, extremities, neck, face)
    Virginia Mason Franciscan Health's plastic and reconstructive surgeons specialize in cosmetic surgery of the face and body. They also perform medically necessary procedures such as breast reconstruction surgery, as well as skin cancer excisions and repair.
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  • (Chest)
    Virginia Mason Franciscan Health's thoracic surgeons provide world-class care for all types of chest, esophageal and lung conditions. We are among the highest-volume robotic thoracic surgery teams on the West Coast, providing consistently positive outcomes.
    Meet our surgeons
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  • (Bladder, genitalia, kidney, liver)
    Virginia Mason Franciscan Health's urology surgeons specialize in vasectomies, bladder replacement, prostate cancer, incontinence, and issues related to sexual health.
    Meet our urology providers
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    Virginia Mason Franciscan Health's Transplant Center offers kidney and pancreas transplantation services.
    Meet our transplantation providers
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Second opinions

Please know that unless you’re in an emergency situation, you’re welcome to seek a second opinion from another surgeon about your upcoming surgery and related options. This is common and you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable about your request.

Support and resources

We want you to be as informed as possible. Our booklet, A Patient’s Guide to Surgery, will help you prepare for your surgery. Additionally, your surgeon and team will spend time with you to discuss all aspects of your procedure. Find out what you can do to prepare for surgery and learn more about recovering from surgery.

Convenient hospital locations

Our hospitals and surgery centers are conveniently located throughout Washington state