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Certified Educators

Rev. Vera Markovich


Vera is an ACPE Certified Educator who has been with St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma, WA since 2017. She is the active educator working with both CPE Residents and CPE Interns.

I have been fortunate to travel alongside many students who had a desire to learn about pastoral ministry and the self that they bring to pastoral encounters for almost 20 years. I have learned that it is essential to provide a clear structure within which students can navigate their learning experience. Each member of a group is a vital voice for not only their own learning but also to other group members. It is the richness that comes from diverse group members and diverse clinical experiences that invite people to develop as both people and practitioners. This growth in competency informs our history of people graduating from our program and finding employment.

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Rev. Greg Nealon


Greg is an ACPE Certified Educator serving at St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma, WA since 2019.  He currently serves as the Division Director of Mission with responsibility for managing the CPE program. 

It is true that CPE is foundational in developing competent spiritual caregivers. What has been more surprising to me has been how much it helps self-awareness and the ability to build and maintain relationships of meaning. This is remarkable in deepening personal and professional relationships, particularly in the development of leaders. I believe these skills will be increasingly important for any leader in the job market of the future. My hope is that through this transformative education our students can see the world with hope, discover the gifts of their life history, and build skill and confidence to care for people in need.

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