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Pediatric Nutrition and Fitness for Life Program

The Nutrition and Fitness for Life (N.F.L.) Program at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health teaches children and teens ages 5–18 and their families how to make healthy choices with food and exercise. It's a healthy lifestyle program, not a weight loss program.

Nutrition and Fitness for Life Featured on New Day Northwest:

What do families learn?

Healthy eating: nutrition basics, energy in/energy out, “close to nature” food vs. processed, portion control, mindful eating, types of hunger, what is in food, daily calorie needs, importance of family meals

Getting enough activity: finding something kids love to do, being active together as a family when possible, encouraging and supporting kids in staying active.

Emotional well-being: body image, self-esteem, dealing with feelings in new ways without turning to food

Also: limiting screen time, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, self-care

Family teamwork: making it fun, staying motivated, supporting each other, parental control

How do remote classes work?

Families attend 60-minute evening classes once a week on Zoom for six weeks. At least one parent must attend and participate with the child/children. The whole family is welcome and encouraged to participate.

Active participation is the magic ingredient that makes N.F.L. work! Families must actively participate in all classes. Taping is not permitted, and "just watching" is also not an option. We're trying to simulate the experience of in-clinic classes as much as possible.

What are the class locations?

All classes are currently remote only, on Zoom.

When are the classes scheduled?

The current class schedule can be found here:

What is the program cost?

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health (VMFH) is proud to offer the N.F.L. program to our patients and all other families in the community at no cost. Families are encouraged to donate to the program to help offset expenses.

VMFH has generously reduced the suggested family donation (previously $150 per family) to $60 (just $10 per class!) to help families in this difficult time. All donations of any amount help sustain the program and are appreciated.

Donations are 100% tax-deductible and may be eligible to be matched by your employer. You can donate using the "Make a Gift" link below.

Where can I find more information?

To request more information on the program, please contact Beth Olenchek, [email protected] or fill out the Nutrition and Fitness for Life Information Request form.

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