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Gender-Affirming Surgery—Procedures We Offer

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health offers gender-affirming procedures and health services for trans and nonbinary patients. Learn more about transgender health services, including gender-affirming hormone therapy and a full spectrum of health services provided by our talented, multidisciplinary team of providers.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery

  • Chest surgery/top surgery is a gender-affirming, masculinizing surgery that removes breast tissue and forms remaining tissue to create a more masculine appearance.

  • Body contouring procedures, including liposuction and tummy tuck, provide additional surgical options to help capture your authentic gender expression.

  • Forehead contouring is a surgical procedure that reduces and contours the forehead (frontal sinus setback) to create a more feminine appearance, or to add contour for a more masculine appearance. Brow lift is a surgery that raises and shapes the eyebrows into a more feminine position on the face and helps to eliminate wrinkles on the forehead and frown lines between the eyebrows and around the eyes. This is often performed in conjunction with or as part of a contouring procedure for both bone and soft tissue reconstruction.

  • Eyelid surgery/blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that helps improve the appearance around the eyes, upper or lower lids, and addresses the contours around the eyes. When bone is recontoured around the eyes, often the overlying eyelids need to be addressed to maintain a natural appearance.

  • Facial implants can help enhance areas on the face, including the cheek or chin, with a surgical procedure that involves placing implants under the skin to provide a contoured appearance. These are often used in combination with nonsurgical injections, depending on the patient’s existing features and desired look.

  • Nose surgery/rhinoplasty is a surgery that reduces the size of the nose and reshapes the nose to appear more feminine and work in harmony with your facial features.

  • Lip lift and/or augmentation is a procedure that alters the way the upper lip and teeth show during smiling. This helps match the correct ratios between the lip and nose for balance and natural-appearing results, and correct for differences in lip volume and position by gender.

  • Jaw contouring is a surgical procedure that reduces the edge of the jawbone and the muscles along the jaw to provide a smoother, rounder jawline and a more feminine appearance, or to add volume and angularity for a more masculine appearance.

  • Face and neck lift is a surgical procedure that address the underlying facial muscle and tissue to lift and provide a natural transition, sometimes combined with other gender-affirming surgeries, particularly along the jaw line to re-drape the skin over the altered jaw and neck.

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