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Facial Plastic Surgery—Procedures We Offer

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health offers the latest treatments and technology in facial plastic surgery to meet and exceed your expectations—all in a comfortable and caring environment.

Facial plastic surgery

  • Known as otoplasty, cosmetic ear surgery can contour the ear and lobe in a variety of ways. Ears can be brought closer to the head (commonly called ear pinning), reduced in size, or reshaped for more elegant profile. Deformed or absent ears can be reconstructed.

    Ear surgery can involve a combination of moving, reshaping, adding or removing structural elements. The operation usually takes two to three hours and requires the surgeon to make a small incision behind the ear to expose ear cartilage.

  • Eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty, reduces the signs of aging, including puffiness in upper and lower eyelids, and eyelid drooping, which can also interfere with peripheral vision. Excess tissue, such as skin and fat, is removed or repositioned, and surrounding muscles and tendons may be reinforced.

  • Today's surgical face-lift is the most effective procedure to achieve lasting rejuvenation of the middle and lower face. While it doesn't stop the aging process, a facelift can help lift your structures and reposition soft tissue under the skin, providing a naturally refreshed, younger look without the tight or pulled back look of older face-lift techniques.

    While patients typically go home the same day after face-lift surgery, it is a major procedure with significant risks and potential complications. That’s why a physical exam, blood tests and other preoperative tests may be conducted as needed, depending on a patient's age, health and treatment plan.

  • Rhinoplasty, often referred to as nose surgery, can correct both medical and aesthetic nose problems, enhancing one’s facial features and balance. Many patients inquire about rhinoplasty for aesthetic reasons such as to improve nose size, width, profile issues such as depressions or humps, asymmetry, and sometimes the tip of the nose.

    Our surgeons spend significant time meeting with you to establish shared realistic expectations of the outcome of the surgery through a unique operative plan. Your individual treatment plan can include a range of services, both surgical and nonsurgical, to address your goals.

  • Chin augmentation, also called chin implant, is usually done to balance the face by making the chin longer compared to the nose. You will have X-rays taken of your face and chin, which the doctor will use to determine what part of the chin to operate on.

    When you need only a little bit of chin augmentation to round out the chin, the surgeon may use real bone or an implant made of silicone, Teflon, or Dacron. For this procedure, a cut is made either inside the mouth or outside under the chin. A pocket is created in front of the chin bone and under the muscles, and the implant is placed inside. The cut is closed with stitches and a bandage is applied. The scar is barely visible. Surgery to correct bite problems can be done at the same time as chin surgery.

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