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Workforce Immunizations

Creating healthier communities—a major part of our mission—means not only treating people when they’re sick or injured, but also keeping them from getting sick. At Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, our experienced health care providers offer a full range of immunizations to prevent illness. 

Immunizations for on-site and traveling employees

Keep your workplace free from preventable illness, and send your employees to the field fully protected from travel-related infection. Our specialists are experts in determining proper vaccinations for international locations, work environments and individual physical condition. 

Our services for worksite protection include:

  • Flu shot (influenza vaccine)
  • Immunity testing
  • Vaccinations for other viral conditions 

For people traveling to work in developing countries, we offer immunizations for diseases, including:

Contact us about immunizations

Find out more about our immunization services and how we can protect your workers from infection, both here and abroad. For more information, please contact us at 253-272-6677.