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Integrative Medicine

At Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, we understand the importance of caring for the whole person. Integrative medicine offers a balanced and holistic approach to health. It combines the latest breakthroughs in Western medicine with the centuries-old wisdom of natural therapies. We find this approach safe, appropriate and effective for our patients.

An integrated approach to medicine

Our Integrative Medicine program is evidence-based and data-driven, providing the same quality standards we hold throughout our system. It’s part of our team approach to medicine, and we work together across multiple disciplines to provide outstanding care. This approach offers:

  • A range of holistic services
  • Expert help navigating the different viewpoints on healing
  • Integration with health services in the Virginia Mason Franciscan Health System

Our integrative medicine specialists offer natural therapies along with traditional medical approaches. We believe in the interconnection of mind, body and spirit, and our goal is to empower you to be a co-creator of your own wellness. 

Integrative medicine services

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health offers a selection of integrative health services:

  • Complementary and alternative medicine for chronic health conditions
  • Diet modification and nutritional therapy
  • Herbal therapy and botanical medicine
  • Mind-body and relaxation techniques
  • Acupuncture and trigger point therapy
  • Massage therapy

Support and resources

Learn more about integrative medicine and find support and resources to guide you on your path to healing and wellness.

Convenient hours and locations

Contact us to learn more about requesting integrative medicine services or to schedule an appointment.