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Advanced Communication Academy Participant Testimonials

"It is so generalizable that it could be useful for any situation. It gave me the tools not only to communicate better but also for personal and professional growth and self-awareness."

"It’s a tool for learning and not just for discussion of Palliative care/Hospice care of patients, but this course is a tool to help in dealing with all our patients."

"It is focused on practical communication skills essential to medical care that is compassionate and patient focused. These skills can be used in every clinical encounter especially the patients who have reached a “serious physiologic wall”. This course is, by far, the best CME I have every attended in terms of practical, focused, experience-based medicine. Thank you for helping me remember to listen, pause and foster relationship in every patient room. I am so grateful for the expertise, kindness and in-depth understanding of palliative care you have given to every participant. "

"This training enlightened me to the art of my words and silence. I feel empowered to care for patients and families holistically again. "

"The information presented and the skills gained are applicable to any clinical setting or specialty. This was about effective and compassionate communication which is needed by every provider. "

"This class provides tools to have difficult discussions with patients and families. I love the “ask before tell” tool-how powerful! Love the precise use of words and look forward to using them in my practice."

"It helps me be a better physician as it helps me genuinely relate to my patients by giving me tools-root scripts-and a framework to use as I discuss topics with my patients. (It is a) Paradigm shift. "

"Because this is information that primary care must get more involved in for better patient care. It’s part of the PCMH (Primary Care Medical Home)"

"High yield learning with lots of practical skills learned and application"

"The respect and interest the teachers (facilitators) had for the learners-ability for experiential learning especially"

"Because I had a great experience which I think will positively affect my practice"

"Excellent intensive palliative care training with communication skills and symptom management. Intensive adult learning with interaction, experiential learning at intellectual and emotional levels."

"The experiential learning and discussions were great. All of the information (was) very valuable and practical. "

"Real life scenarios and application that can be used readily."