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Hospice and Palliative Care Readiness Quiz

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health’s Center for Neurosciences & Spine offers neurology services for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. Our neurology specialists are devoted to the highest level of neurology care. From advanced diagnostic tools to leading-edge treatments, we’re here to help you with your neurological condition so you can live life to the fullest.

Considering hospice care?

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health understands the stress that a serious illness can place on a family. Palliative care and hospice care can provide medical expertise and emotional support for you and your loved ones. If you are wondering if you or your loved one could benefit from additional support or services, this quiz may help ease the decision-making process.

  1. Have you or your loved one been admitted to the hospital or gone to the Emergency Services department multiple times for illness in the last six months?
  2. Have you or your loved one been told that your serious illness has progressed?
  3. Has quality of life changed for you or your loved one due to increasing pain or symptoms that are no longer well controlled?
  4. Has the medical care for you or your loved one become too much for family to handle alone?
  5. Have you or your loved one fallen multiple times within the last six months?
  6. Have you or your loved one started to experience complications of care such as pneumonia, bed sores or urinary tract infections?
  7. Have you or your loved one experienced shortness of breath, even while at rest?
  8. Has a physician started talking to you about comfort and quality of life?

If you answered “Yes” to more than one of these questions, you may want to discuss palliative care or hospice care with your physician or our team. Virginia Mason Franciscan Health’s palliative care and hospice teams are highly specialized — they offer medical care, emotional support, help with medical appointments and respect for those under our care. We surround our patients and families with the support they need to ensure they are as comfortable as possible when dealing with a serious or life-limiting illness.

To learn more, please call 253-534-7028. We are here to help.