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AFib Treatment

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) affects millions of people, yet no two cases are exactly alike. That’s why AFib treatment should combine the most effective therapies with a personalized approach.

At Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, you receive this ideal combination. Our team includes national leaders who have the skill to treat even the most complex cases of AFib. We use our experience and expertise to create a customized plan that fits your life.

AFib treatment: Why choose us?

Our specialists have the expertise to treat all types of AFib, including the most advanced cases. At our AFib clinic, you benefit from:

  • Advanced AFib ablation: We are the only center in Washington to provide the convergent procedure. This leading-edge treatment can restore normal heart rhythm in people with long-standing persistent AFib. Learn more about our advanced ablation procedures.

  • Blood thinner alternatives: Our specialists are among the few in the region to provide left atrial appendage closure (LAAC). This advanced procedure helps prevent AFib-related stroke in people who can’t take blood thinners. Read Robert’s story about AFib and the LAAC procedure.

  • Re-ablation expertise: Even if you’ve had previous ablations, you have options. Patients come to us from across the country for our specialists’ skills in complex re-ablations for persistent AFib.

  • Multispecialty team: You receive care from multiple experts dedicated to caring for people with any type of AFib. Our team includes electrophysiologists, cardiologists, physician assistants, nurses and medical assistants. Meet our team.

  • Quick appointments: Our team focuses on seeing you quickly — often within just a few days. This expedited approach leads to better treatment outcomes.
  • Ongoing support: We help you get the resources and guidance you need. Your designated nurse navigator provides education, connects you with important resources and helps you coordinate appointments.


AFib treatments we provide

At our clinic, you have access to a full range of treatment options for AFib.  Whether you’ve had the condition for a few days or several years, we are equipped to help.

During your first visit to our clinic, we spend time getting to know you. Our approach includes checking for underlying conditions, such as sleep apnea, that can cause AFib and raise the risk of heart disease. Then, we ask about your lifestyle and treatment preferences. 

Your care plan may include:

  • Medications can prevent blood clots and stroke and restore a normal heart rhythm. Our team specializes in AFib treatment and has knowledge of the latest and most effective medications available.

    You also receive regular follow-up care from our team. We ask you about any side effects and provide tests to be sure the medication works well for you.

  • Our specialists offer cardioversion when medications alone aren’t enough to manage AFib. This procedure uses an electric current to restore a normal heart rhythm without surgery. You need only mild sedation for cardioversion and usually go home the same day.

  • Cardiac catheter ablation is a minimally invasive way to treat the root cause of AFib. We use radiofrequency (heat) or cryoablation (cold) to destroy the cells causing AFib. Our experts are skilled in multiple ablation techniques, and we customize the procedure based on your needs. Learn more about our advanced cardiac labs.

  • The convergent procedure requires significant technical skill and cardiac ablation experience. We are the only center in Washington to provide this complex treatment. The convergent procedure requires multiple specialists and is the only method that can restore normal rhythm in long-standing persistent AFib.

  • During LAAC, our specialists close off the heart’s left atrial appendage (LAA), a small pouch where blood clots commonly form. Closing the LAA significantly lowers the risk of AFib-related stroke.

    This minimally invasive procedure can be life-changing for people with long-term AFib who cannot take blood thinners. Our team has performed more of these procedures than anyone else in the region.

  • During the maze procedure, your surgeon creates a “maze” of scar tissue on your heart to disrupt AFib signals. We may recommend this surgery if other therapies haven’t worked well for you. Learn more about the exceptional outcomes in cardiac surgery at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health.

  • Our skilled cardiac rehabilitation team is here to help if you need to adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle. You receive customized, compassionate guidance on exercise and nutrition to help you avoid future heart problems. Discover the benefits of cardiac rehabilitation.

  • We want you to live a full and active life, so we focus on helping you do just that. Our team includes nurse educators who help you understand — and avoid — AFib triggers. You also have access to registered dietitians for nutrition guidance. Plus, our nurse navigator helps you access smoking cessation resources and support groups. Read more about our wellness and support services.

AFib information for medical professionals

Members of our team have written a comprehensive summary of our approach to diagnosing and treating AFib. This guide provides information for primary care providers, cardiologists and other medical professionals. Learn more about AFib evaluation, treatment options and the care pathway in our Contemporary Management of Atrial Fibrillation.

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