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Advanced Catheter Ablation

Cardiac catheter ablation can be life-changing — and even lifesaving — if you have an arrhythmia. It’s important to choose a provider who is highly skilled and experienced in these procedures.

At the Center for Cardiovascular Health at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, we perform more advanced cardiac catheter ablations than any other center in the Pacific Northwest. Here, you have access to an expert team, including doctors who have pioneered some of today’s cardiac catheter techniques.

Advanced catheter ablation: Why choose us?

You can trust our electrophysiologists and cardiac surgery specialists. Because of our experience, we regularly treat patients with the most complex heart rhythm disorders. Highlights of our program include:

  • Experienced team: You receive care from leading specialists who perform thousands of heart ablations each year. We are a major referral center in the Puget Sound region and beyond because we provide consistently positive outcomes. Meet our expert team.

  • Advanced techniques: Our electrophysiology (EP) team cares for even the most difficult-to-treat arrhythmias, including ventricular tachycardia (VT). Thanks to our skill and 3D mapping technology, we successfully perform a high volume of VT ablation procedures.

  • AFib options: We are the only center in Washington to offer the convergent procedure. This ablation procedure can restore a normal heart rhythm in people with long-standing persistent AFib. Learn more about our specialized AFib treatment.

  • Repeat ablations: Repeat cardiac ablations are more complex than first-time procedures. Our skilled team performs a high volume of these procedures, giving hope to those who couldn’t be treated elsewhere.
  • Imaging options: Some of our providers offer zero-fluoroscopy ablation. This technique uses ultrasound imaging during the procedure to avoid radiation exposure.

Arrhythmias we treat

Our specialists are equipped to treat every type of arrhythmia. Arrhythmias occur when abnormal cells in heart tissue cause electrical impulses to misfire. We use our advanced catheter ablation methods to treat:

AFib and atrial flutter

These arrhythmias happen when the upper chambers of your heart (atria) do not beat regularly or effectively. We provide the latest and most effective AFib and atrial flutter ablation procedures.

Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT)

SVTs are fast heartbeats that start in the top chambers of your heart (atria). Our specialists have decades of experience treating SVT. Types of SVT include: 

  • Atrial tachycardia 
  • Atrioventricular nodal re-entrant tachycardia (AVNRT)
  • Junctional ectopic tachycardia
  • Sinus tachycardia

Ventricular tachycardia (VT) and ventricular fibrillation (V-fib)

VT and V-fib are fast or quivering heartbeats that start in your heart’s lower chambers (ventricles). Ventricular arrhythmias can lead to cardiac arrest if left untreated. We are among the few centers in the U.S. that offer ablation for VT and V-fib.

Advanced cardiac ablation procedures we provide

Our team cares for people with arrhythmias every day, so we understand your needs and concerns. We take the time to answer your questions and empower you to take an active role in your treatment decisions. You also have access to an arrhythmia nurse navigator who helps you schedule appointments and manage your care. 

Cardiac ablation procedures we provide include:

  • Our leading-edge cardiac labs are equipped with advanced cardiac mapping. This technology creates a 3D picture of your heart using sophisticated imaging. We use this highly detailed map to locate the misfiring cells in abnormal heart tissue. 

    Once the cells are identified, we evaluate your heart’s unique structure and your needs. Our team then targets the cells with radiofrequency (heat) or cryoablation (cold) energy. This energy creates a tiny scar in the tissue, which stops the unwanted electrical signals causing the arrhythmia. Learn more about the technology in our advanced cardiac labs.

  • We are the only EP team in Washington that offers the convergent procedure for long-standing persistent AFib. This specialized treatment involves ablation on the inside and outside of the heart. Our specialists have used the convergent procedure to restore a normal heart rhythm in people who have had AFib for years. They have also taught other surgeons across the world how to perform this procedure.

  • Cardiac catheter ablation procedures require real-time imaging to guide the catheter inside your vein. In most cases, specialists use fluoroscopy, a type of X-ray “movie.” 

    Some of our specialists offer zero-fluoroscopy ablation, which uses radiation-free ultrasound. We provide this treatment for those who need a zero-radiation option.

  • VT and other ventricular arrhythmias can be difficult to treat and potentially life-threatening. We are among the few centers with the expertise to provide advanced ablation for VT, V-fib and premature ventricular contractions.

  • In some cases, an arrhythmia can come back after successful ablation. Whether you’ve had one cardiac catheter ablation or several, our specialists can help. We are a leading referral center for repeat catheter ablations. No matter how complex the case, you have options with us.

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