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Are You an Injured Worker?

COHE is here to help you make a full recovery and return safely to work

The COHE Alliance of Western Washington is here to team with you to achieve a full recovery from your work-related injury or illness. We work with your health care provider to promote the best possible care using evidence-based best practices and expert clinical guidelines. We are committed to ensuring you receive care promptly for your work injury, while avoiding unnecessary medication and questionable procedures that have been shown to slow recovery or cause harm.

COHE provides resources to you and your health care provider. These include:

  • Assistance to address any identified gaps in care or unnecessary delays in treatment
  • Assistance to help you get back to work safely and promptly
  • Tools to encourage improved communication between you, your provider and your employer
  • Assistance with communication with your claim manager at Labor & Industries when necessary

Our goal is to expedite your recovery from your injury and enable you to return to work quickly and safely.

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