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Neurological Rehabilitation

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health is a nationally recognized provider of comprehensive services for neurological rehabilitation. Our expert neurological rehabilitation team provides care for individuals with conditions such as:

The Neurological Rehabilitation Program includes outpatient individual therapy, emphasizing thinking skills, self-awareness and adjustment, communication and social skills, and physical strength and coordination. The program also stresses improved functioning in home, community and work settings.

The rehabilitation team comprises specialists in neuropsychology, speech and language pathology, physical therapy and occupational therapy. The neurological rehabilitation team determines each person’s individual strengths and weaknesses, suitability for the program and specific rehabilitation goals.

If you are a provider needing to contact the Neurology team at Virginia Mason Medical Center, please call 206-287-6070. (This number is for providers only.)

Psychometric testing

Sometimes a doctor or psychologist finds it helpful to learn more about a person’s behavior or ability to function by having a psychometrist administer tests.

Testing can measure or describe:

  • Memory
  • Reasoning
  • Concentration
  • Ability to learn
  • Problem-solving
  • Personality traits

For more information, call 206-223-6746.

Spasticity management

The Spasticity Management Clinic at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health is a one-stop shop that provides comprehensive care and evaluation for patients with a variety of neurological disorders that cause disruption in muscle movement patterns. Learn more about spasticity management.

Stroke therapy

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health offers therapies to address multiple consequences of stroke. One specific treatment for hand and leg weakness is using functional electrical stimulation that helps with hand motion and walking.

In addition to individuals recovering from a stroke, others who may benefit from this technology include people with:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Certain levels of quadriplegia
  • Tetraplegia
  • Brain lesions

Learn more about Rehabilitation Therapy Services.

Parkinson’s disease support group

To see topics and locations, and to register, see our Classes & Events.

More information

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