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Neurovascular Disease

Neurovascular disease is a leading cause of adult disabilities and death and includes any abnormality of the blood vessels within or supplying blood to the brain and spine. This includes narrowing of the arteries, which decreases blood flow to the brain and increases the risk of a stroke. Additionally, a neurovascular disease may cause a weakening of the arteries that can lead to brain aneurysms and other conditions that increase the risk of a stroke.

The good news is that new technology and surgical techniques are helping physicians minimize the impact of neurovascular disease and Virginia Mason Franciscan Health is on the forefront of these developments.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the Virginia Mason Franciscan Health Center for Neurosciences & Spine at 206-341-0420.

Neurovascular conditions we treat include:

Today, there are many options for treating neurovascular disease. For example, small mesh tubes, or "stents," can be used to open narrowed arteries. Materials can be injected into blood vessels to close off vascular malformations or reduce the blood supply to tumors. Additionally, microsurgical clips can be used to reroute blood supply and repair brain aneurysms. The variety of tools across radiological and surgical specialties has greatly improved the ability of physicians to safely treat vascular problems of the brain and spine.

Call us at 206-341-0420 if you have questions about treatments available today for neurovascular disease.