Neurology Resources & FAQs

At Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, we offer useful neurosurgery information, including resources and answers to frequently asked questions.

Neurosurgery resources

Educational classes, support groups and special events

We offer educational classes, support groups and events.

Research and clinical trials

In partnership with Benaroya Research Institute, we offer clinical studies to patients. Learn more about open trials.

Neurosurgery frequently asked questions

  • Do you offer deep brain stimulation surgery?

    Yes, we do offer deep brain stimulation surgery. Our experienced team of experts provides hope through deep brain stimulation for those suffering from Parkinson's disease, essential tremor and other movement disorders.

  • What treatment options does Virginia Mason Franciscan Health’s Center for Neurosciences & Spine offer for brain cancer?

    Virginia Mason Franciscan Health’s brain cancer surgeons and support team offer multiple options for treatment, including surgery, radiation therapy (external beam radiation and stereotactic radiosurgery), chemotherapy, drug therapy and experimental treatment. Learn more about Virginia Mason Franciscan Health's treatment options for brain cancer.

  • Has the Center for Neurosciences & Spine or the neurologists and neurosurgeons received any awards or been in the news recently?

    The neurologists and neurosurgeons at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health’s Center for Neurosciences & Spine are often recognized for their outstanding work and featured in the news. Learn more about the Center for Neurosciences & Spine.