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The Neuro-Laboratory at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health in Seattle offers complete diagnostic testing for neurological conditions. This specialty lab is staffed by skilled technicians who use state-of-the-art equipment to perform the following tests:

  • The EEG is a noninvasive procedure that provides information about the health and function of the brain. It detects electrical impulses in the brain. This test is used most often in evaluating patients with possible seizure disorders.

    During sleep deprivation EEG, abnormalities may show up. These abnormalities can occur under stress, such as fatigue and drowsiness.

  • An ENG is the electrical recording of a particular type of rhythmic, involuntary back-and-forth eye movement called nystagmus. It usually originates in either the visual or the vestibular system. The ENG is a clinical test that provides your doctor with additional information about the balance mechanism in the inner ear and/or the brain. This information is important in helping to establish the diagnosis or cause of a balance disturbance, dizziness, hearing loss or related symptoms.

  • The purpose of the rotational test is to objectively measure the vestibular function in people who have vertigo and other balance disorders, and to help distinguish between peripheral disorders affecting the brain.

  • Somatosensory evoked potentials evaluate the nerve pathway from the peripheral nerve in the arms and legs through the spine to the brain.

  • Visual evoked potentials evaluate the visual nervous system from the eye to the brain.

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is a pinched nerve in the hand and wrist. It causes pain, weakness and numbness. It can be detected by using nerve conduction study testing with a high degree of accuracy.

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